sábado, 20 de dezembro de 2008

30 minutes with James Stilwell

Damos hoje início a mais uma rúbrica neste polivalente blog, e começamos nem mais nem menos com o grande bife, o nosso Brian O'Driscoll, James Stilwell. O nome foi traduzido na íntegra a pedido do pan, perdão, do entrevistado.

Blogger: Hi James, thanks for giving us some your precious time.

James: Please, Pi, call me faggot.

B: OK, if that's your wish. Tell us, who was your rugby idol while growing up?

J: That's an easy one, Mark Bingham was by far the most inspirational player for me. I aim to play one day in the Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Tournament , it will be San Francisco all over again.

B: Interesting (by now I'm happy we don't have a locker room at CNEMA), it's Christmas time, what would make this Christmas special, maybe a gift?

J: I'm glad you ask that question, Mickael Carreira is playing in Guimarães on the 27th. I'd love to be able to say in a few years time: I was there! (Quem quiser ajudar a realizar o sonho do faggot clique aqui)

B: Define yourself in five words.

J: Gayest gay of all gays.

B: OK, we're playing Tomar later today. What do you expect from this match?

J: They have some really cute players. I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe I could hook up with them in the Clubhouse after the game.

B: OK faggot, from now on I'm going to ask the questions and I want "straight" answers. Can you do that?

J: Straight? What's that?

B: Well, I mean, one or two words will do. Favourite Film?

J: Brokeback mountain, I loved Ennis del Mar.

B: Favourite actor? And actress?

J: Rock Hudson and and Rosie O'Donnell.

B: I'm not sure she's an actress. Favourite band and song?

J: Village people and Macho man.

B: Thanks James, good luck for tonight and I 'm not talking about the game.

J: Thank you so so much. I want to "sacar" a lot tonight.

Deixo-vos com um vídeo - enquanto me piro daqui - do nosso "bambino d'oro":

10 comentários:

Carlinhos, o machista gay disse...

Adorava conhecer-te, pareces-me um tipo à maneira. Era muito sal grosso.

Cláudio Ramos disse...

Diogo, és sexy.

Nuno Eiró disse...

Entrevistava-te todo.

´"Filósofo Grego" disse...

Por ti acabava o curso.

Marinheiro disse...

O vídeo é muito giro, não pode pôr o "In the Navy". Traz-me tantas recordações.

Anónimo disse...

posso ler o teu futuro?


Anónimo disse...

My god , a entrevista deve ter durado uns 5 minutos, o que e que fizeram no resto da meia hora?

Pedro disse...

O Diogo deu-me dicas de moda para ficar mais fashion.

Anónimo disse...

Essa entrevista foi muito rapida...

Anónimo disse...

Se é Stilwell é sexy! mesmo sendo faggot...